Top 12 Brown Snakes In Texas

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake:The most common venomous snake in Texas is the western diamondback rattlesnake which occurs across most of the state, with the exception of the eastern region.

 Trans-Pecos Rat Snake:Trans-Pecos rat snakes are 36 to 54 inches long and are a yellowish-tan color. They also have a series of dark brown to black H-shaped markings along their body. 

Timber Rattlesnake:Timber rattlesnakes are large, powerful snakes that range between three and five feet long. They have a series of dark brown to black crossband markings over a brown ground color. 

Prairie Rattlesnake: Prairie rattlesnakes are typically 35 to 45 inches long and are light brown with dark brown blotches. 

Prairie Kingsnake: Prairie kingsnakes are typically 30 to 40 inches long and have reddish-brown markings over a light brown ground color. 

Mojave Rattlesnake:The Mojave rattlesnake is 24 to 48 inches long and typically has a brown body with dark brown to black diamond-shaped markings down their back. 

Massasauga:The western massasauga lives in the central region of the state, while the desert massasauga occurs in the western Panhandle, Trans-Pecos region, and through the lower Rio Grande Valley.

Great Plains Rat Snake:The great plains rat snake — also sometimes called the Texas rat snake — occurs statewide across Texas. These snakes typically live across grasslands, open plains, and rocky hillsides. 

Glossy Swampsnake:Glossy swampsnakes are small snakes, ranging only between 14 and 24 inches long. They are light brown on their dorsal side and sometimes have two black stripes running along their back. 

Diamond-Backed Water Snake:The diamond-backed water snake is another common brown snake in Texas. These snakes live in slow-moving bodies of freshwater such as streams, lakes, and swamps.

Bullsnake:Bullsnakes are a subspecies of the gopher snake and have heavy yellowish-colored bodies which are overlaid with dark brown blotches. 

Broad-Banded Copperhead:The first of six venomous snakes on the list is the broad-banded copperhead which is 20 to 36 inches long.

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