Top 12 Flowers and Plants that Represent Gemini

Yarrow:Representing the cooperative nature in every Gemini, yarrow is an excellent companion plant for the average home garden.

Twinflowers:While twinflowers may not be able to grow depending on where you live, this rare beauty represents Geminis. Known as the twins of the zodiac, Geminis are full of duality and polarity.

Spider Plants:Not only is this houseplant especially forgiving should airy Gemini forget to water it, but it also produces many offshoots that are perfect for sharing with friends.

Snapdragons: snapdragons are the perfect addition to a Gemini garden. Not only can you get these tall flowers in plentiful varieties, but you can also use them in bouquets readily. 

Roses:Alongside honeysuckle, roses represent the birth flower for anyone born during June. Roses may appear too traditional or stuffy to associate with the average Gemini.

Pothos:Many Geminis are drawn to aesthetics, particularly interior design. That’s why they may be interested in utilizing pothos in their own home.

Peppermint:Mint represents intellect and the element of air in traditional interpretations. This makes peppermint a fantastic herb connected to Geminis. 

Peonies:Symbolizing friendship, warmth, and joy, peonies and Geminis go hand in hand. These gorgeous blooms may take a bit more effort to grow compared to some of the other flowers on this list.

Lily of the Valley:One of the birth flowers for the month of May, lily of the valley is readily associated with people born during the early days of Gemini season. 

Lavender:lavender may appeal to Gemini for its medicinal or spiritual uses. Plus, the scent of lavender is familiar and iconic, fitting in with the charming, wholesome nature in every Gemini! 

 Honeysuckle:This zodiac sign is drawn to the delicate sweetness of honeysuckle. Found in plenty of colors, honeysuckle suits the variety found within every Gemini. 

Air Plants:Air plants are also incredibly easy to care for, requiring no soil or regular watering. Plus, they are incredibly aesthetic plants, suiting Geminis perfectly. 

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