Top 12 Flowers and Plants that Represent Libra

Roses:Given their connection to romantic Venus, Libras and roses go hand in hand. Roses are one of the flowers most often connected to Libras because of their devotion and romantic leanings.

Peace Lilies:Nothing appeals to Libras more than keeping the peace, which is why peace lilies and this zodiac sign go hand in hand.

Passion Flowers:While passion flowers may be a bit more bold than the average Libra, these plants attract plenty of pollinators and turn heads as well, two things Libras likely want out of their flowers! 

Orchids: Orchids also represent love and beauty, two things both Venus and Libra represent as well! 

Morning Glories:A vining flower that can change the aesthetic of any fence, trellis, or ground cover, morning glories may appeal to the designer in every Libra. 

Marigolds: Marigolds are easily planted and grown from seeds or established plants, affording judicious Libra flexibility in terms of where to plant this iconic flower! 

 Lavender:Venus is a planet that rules indulgence and the welcome rest that follows victory in war or battle. Both Venus and Libras likely appreciate the peaceful, relaxing qualities of lavender. 

Gardenias:A popular choice in wedding bouquets because of their scent and white colorations, gardenias represent Libras well.

Ferns:Symbolizing both trust and timelessness, ferns represent the Libra ability to always make a fair decision, even if it takes them a little while! 

Cosmos:The other October birth flower, cosmos represents many things symbolically. Order, harmony, and resilience can be found in both cosmos and Libras, making them synonymous with each other.

Catnip: catnip symbolizes luck and growth in amicable connections. Libras prioritize partnerships, but they also tend to develop many friendships and platonic connections too! 

Asters:Asters are delicate, understated flowers that bloom easily in any garden. Plus, Libras will appreciate just how many jewel-toned colors asters are found in! 

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