Top 12 Fruits That Start With B

Bael:Bael is a tropical fruit. It is from India and Bangladesh, where it’s grown in a warmer climate. It’s able to be eaten both fresh and dried.

Bacuri:These fruits can be found growing on large trees in Bolivia that can reach upwards of 100 feet! Its seeds are not edible. Bacuri fruit has a thick peel with sticky pulp underneath and a sweet-tasting flavor. 

Banana:Bananas are one of the most popular fruits, and most easily recognizable. They are a tropical fruit. Bananas have thick, yellow skin on the exterior and a soft, faint yellow-to-white interior.

Black Cherry:Black cherries are grown in Canada and the United States. Unlike regular red cherries, black cherries have a darker color about them and are the perfect in-between of too sweet and too sour.

Bignay Fruit:Bignay fruits are native to China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, in addition to some parts of Australia. They typically grow on vines and can be eaten straight off of the vine. 

Babaco:Hailing from Ecuador, the babaco fruit is a narrow, seedless fruit that slightly resembles that of a papaya. It has a sweet flavor. When cut up, it resembles the shape of a star.

Barbados Cherries:Grown in the Caribbean and in South America, these tart tropical fruits are often used in various jellies and jams. 

Balsam Apples:They are native to Southern Africa. Balsam apples have been an ingredient in medicine that helps cure malaria and helps to treat diabetes. 

Beach Plum:Beach plum trees have become an increasingly rare sight, as they were typically grown along the Atlantic Coast, but have been cut down in favor of building houses.

Baobab:Another tropical fruit that starts with the letter b, Baobab is typically grown in Australia and the Middle East, as well as Madagascar. 

Barbadine Fruit:A member of the passionfruit family, barbardine fruit is a tropical fruit that’s grown in Central and South America. 

Barberry:Barberries are a staple in Persian cuisine. These berries are very acidic in flavor, which doesn’t make for a great, easy snack.

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