Top 12 Gorgeous Flowers That Start With E

Eyebright:This petite flower boasts delicate white petals adorned with intricate purple veins and vibrant yellow centers.

Evening Primrose:Its flowers feature four lemon yellow petals, accompanied by four sepals, eight stamens, and a distinct style with a cross-shaped stigma. 

English Primrose:The English primrose is one of the earliest blooming flowers, earning its name from the Latin word “primus,” meaning “first.”

English Marigold :Marigolds have a rich history, and the English marigold, although unrelated to the Mexican genus, carries the same symbolism, such as grief and mourning. 

English Lavender:Cultivars now offer a range of shades from blue-purple and lavender to violet-blue or white-pink. The blooming season starts in early to mid-summer and lasts approximately 3-4 weeks.

English Daisy: Unique in structure, the flower stems surprisingly lack leaves and give rise to blooms adorned with a circular arrangement of white, pink, or red rays surrounding a sunny yellow center. 

English Bluebell:English bluebells are graceful in appearance, with their slender, bell-shaped flowers adorned with gently curled petals.

Egyptian Star Cluster :The Egyptian star cluster, a native perennial found across Southern Arabia to tropical East Africa, showcases glossy dark green elliptic leaves in clustered arrangements. 

Eglantine Rose:The eglantine rose, cherished by Queen Elizabeth I of England and cultivated even before 1551, holds a special place in English history. 

Edelweiss :The edelweiss bloom symbolizes unwavering devotion, owing to its ability to flourish in the harshest alpine conditions.

Eastern Purple Coneflower:The eastern purple coneflower held great significance as a medicinal plant among Native Americans, who utilized its healing properties for various ailments. 

Easter Lily:Easter lilies, renowned for their beauty and sweet fragrance, grace homes and churches during the Easter season.

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