Top 12 Largest Lakes in Arizona

San Carlos Lake:San Carlos Lake has 158 miles of shoreline and averages 19,500 acres of water in its peak season. This is among the largest lakes in Arizona when there isn’t a drought.

Lake Roosevelt:The oldest man-made reservoir in Arizona, Theodore Roosevelt Lake was created by building a masonry dam on the Salt River in the early 1900s.

Lake Powell:The 186-mile-long, rather narrow expanse of water has a surface area of 162,600 acres and approximately 2,000 miles of winding shoreline.

Lake Pleasant:If you’re a nature lover, this next location will blow your mind! With regions for relaxing and exploring, Lake Pleasant is one of the largest lakes in Arizona waiting for you to visit!

Lake Mohave :The weather is fantastic, the water activities are exciting, and the fishing is phenomenal! Lake Mohave is a portion of the Colorado River on the boundary between Arizona and Nevada. 

Lake Mead:Lake Mead is a desert paradise that exists because of the Hoover Dam. The biggest reservoir in the country is Lake Mead. This place has 700 miles of shoreline and a lot of water. 

Lake Havasu:There’s no need to travel to California to enjoy a day at the beach. Lake Havasu has more than 400 miles of shoreline encircling its crystal-clear, azure waters.

Imperial Reservoir:Imperial Dam is a water delivery diverting structure for the river, All-American Canal, and Gila Canal, servicing southeast California, Arizona, and Mexico. 

Horseshoe Lake:Horseshoe Lake is the least accessible and likely the least well-known of the lakes that encircle Phoenix.

Bartlett Lake:Bartlett Lake is a haven for those who love the outdoors. It’s located in the Tonto National Forest. The Verde River’s first dam to be constructed was Bartlett Dam.

Apache Lake: The road is 17 miles long and the lake sits about 65 miles northeast of Phoenix. As one of the largest lakes in Arizona, Apache Lake is a wonderful place for fishing, sailing, water skiing, exploring, and camping. 

Alamo Lake:Alamo Lake is one of the best places in the state to go bass fishing, so get ready to cast a line! Alamo Lake State Park, about 40 miles southeast of Lake Havasu City.

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