Top 12 Longest Rivers In Europe

Oka River – 932 miles:The Oka River is the eighth-longest river in Europe. It is also the most navigable river in Europe. 

Volga River – 2,194 miles :The Volga River is the longest river in Europe. The Volga River is also the largest river in Europe in terms of discharge.

Danube River – 1,777 miles:The Danube River is 1,777 miles long, making it the longest river in Central and Western Europe. It is the longest river that flows through Germany.

Dnieper River – 1,367 miles:The Dnieper River is 1,367 miles long. It begins on the southern slope of the Valdai Hills in Russia. It then flows through western Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and empties into the Black Sea.

 Kama River – 1,122 miles:The Kama River is the third-largest river in Europe in terms of discharge. It is 1,122 miles long and runs through western and central Russia.

 Pechora River – 1,124 miles:The Pechora River (or Pečora) flows through northwestern Russia into the Arctic Ocean. It begins in the Northern Ural Mountains near Mount Koyp.

Vyatka River – 816 miles :The Vyatka River is the eleventh largest river in Europe. It is 815 miles long, flowing through Kirov Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. 

Don River – 1,162 miles :The Don River is the fifth largest river in Europe, measuring 1,162 miles long. It flows from Central Russia to the Sea of Azov in the Caucasus region. 

Ural River – 1,509 miles:The Ural River is 1,509 miles long and flows through Russia and Kazakhstan. It begins in the southern Ural Mountains in Russia and empties into the Caspian Sea. 

Rhine River – 765 miles:The Rhine River is 765 miles long, flowing through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Dniester River – 840 miles:The Dniester River is the second-longest river in Ukraine and the tenth longest river in Europe. 

Belaya River – 889 miles:The Belaya River is the 9th largest river in Europe. It is 889 miles long, flowing through the Bashkotostan Republic in the western and central parts of Russia. 

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