Top 12 Most Colorful Fall-Blooming Flowers in Maine

Sweet Alyssum:its native range is from the Mediterranean Basin and the Macaronesia region. Although most sweet Alyssum flowers are white, some cultivars are pink.

Russian Sage:Russian sage though isn’t native to Maine or North America. Instead, its native range is parts of Asia, including China, Pakistan, Iran, and parts of Eastern Europe.

Petunia:Petunias are also found throughout Maine and produce beautiful fall-blooming flowers. It’s a genus of at least 20 flowering plant species in the Solanaceae family. 

Marguerite Daisy:Marguerite daisies are members of the Asteraceae family. They are favorites for many, found throughout gardens and public green spaces.

Japanese Anemones:The next flower on our list is the Japanese anemone, also known as the windflower. It’s a beautiful flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae.

Goldenrod:Goldenrods are perfect flowers if you’re looking to add vibrant colors to your garden. These lovely flowers are members of the sunflower family.

False Sunflower:False sunflowers are also found in Maine. Although most people relate sunflowers to bright sunny summers, they can also bloom into early to mid-fall. 

Coral Bells:Another colorful fall-blooming flower to make our list is the coral bell. Technically, coral bells aren’t a species, but a large genus of evergreen perennial plants in the family Saxifragaceae.

Canna Lily: Canna lilies vary in size and color depending on the species or cultivar. However, the flowers are typically red, yellow, orange, or pink.

Butterfly Bush:Butterfly bushes are also common in Maine. They have a long-lasting bloom. The butterfly bush is a massive genus with over 140 species of flowering plants native to Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Black-eyed Susan:Black-eyed Susans range in height. They can grow up to 39 inches tall with a spread of 12 to 18 inches.

Beautyberry:The American beautyberry may be the right option for you! American beautyberries have a wide native range. You can find them throughout the southern United States, from Maryland to Florida.

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