Top 12 Oldest Persons to Ever Live

Yukichi Chuganji:Yukichi Chuganji was 114 years and 189 days of age before his death in 2003. 

Walter Breuning:Walter Breuning was born in Minnesota in 1896. In his early life, Walter lived to what he could describe as the “dark ages,” as he and his family lived without water, plumbing.

Violet Brown:She was even gifted a birthday card from the Queen of Jamaica before she passed 2 years later in 2017 at 117 years and 189 days of age.

Sarah Knauss:Sarah Knauss is the oldest person recorded in the United States. She lived to 119 and 9 days of age while being the third oldest person in the world. 

Nabi Tajima:Nabi Tajima was considered the second oldest person aside from Kane Tanaka, living to 117 years and 230 days. Nabi is originally from Araki in Kikai, and she had a total of 9 children.

Misao Okawa:Misao Okawa was the world’s oldest woman since Koto Okubo’s death, and she was born in 1898 in Tenma, Osaka. 

Mathew Beard:Mathew Beard was born in 1870 in Norfolk, Virginia and at only 12 years old, Mathew began working at a sawmill.

 Kane Tanaka:Kane Tanaka is the second oldest verified person after Jeanne Calment, after living to 119 years and 107 days of age. 

 Jiroemon Kimura:Jiroemon Kimura from Japan is considered the oldest man in history, reaching an age of 116 years and 54 days. 

Jeanne Calment:Jeanne Calment was the oldest human documented, and she lived for 122 years and 164 days.

Emiliano Mercado:Emiliano Mercado del Toro born in Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico was one of the oldest verified people in the world. He was considered the oldest person behind Elizabeth Bolden in 2006. 

Christian Mortensen:Christian Mortensen was considered the longest-living male in the world before Jiroemon Kimura passed him. He lived till 115 years and 252 days of age and was a Danish supercentenarian.

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