Top 12 Types of Tasty Cucumbers

Spacemaster:Spacemaster cucumbers are an ideal choice for small backyard gardens, thanks to their compact growing habit. They are also highly resistant to the destructive cucumber mosaic virus.

Persian:Persian cucumbers are a popular type of cucumber due to their mild flavor and delicate skin that peels away easily. They have edible seeds, so they require no extra preparation.

National Pickling:National Pickling cucumbers are a wonderful choice for gardeners looking for low-maintenance vegetables to grow in their backyard.

Muncher:Muncher cucumbers are a seedless cultivar and prefer full sun to grow optimally. The cucumber itself has smooth, glossy skin with dark green coloration.

 Lemon:Lemon cucumbers are a type of heirloom cucumber that maintain their bright yellow outer skin from the time you pick them until you decide to eat them. 

Kirby:Kirby cucumbers are blunt and stout, usually growing to about 4 inches in length. Their skin is bumpy, making them easily distinguishable from other types of cucumbers.

Japanese:Japanese cucumbers (kyuri in Japan) are cylindrical and slender with thin, deep green skin. They usually measure 6-8 inches in length and their small, uniform seeds characterize them. 

English:English cucumbers are a great all-around choice for recipes that call for cucumber. They are lengthy and thick, with a sweet taste that makes them perfect for salads.

Crystal Apple White Spine:Crystal Apple White Spine cucumbers are a unique type of cucumber that has a faded, white color and a round shape. They have thin exterior skins, making them softer than almost all other cucumbers.

Bush Champion:The Bush Champion cucumber grows on low, compact bushes. The fruits themselves are long and slender with bright green skin.

Burpless:Burpless cucumbers are a great choice for those looking to avoid the bitterness of other varieties. 

Armenian:Armenian cucumbers are a type of cucumber that grows in an inward curved shape, resembling a half moon.

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