Top 12 Vegetables That Start with A

Avocado:Avacado has a large seed inside its dark, rugged exterior. Its flesh is rich and buttery, carrying a slight nuttiness, accompanied by gentle earthy tones, offering a unique flavor profile.

Aubergine:Eggplants, alternatively known as aubergines, are a prominent ingredient in various global cuisines, classified under the nightshade plant group.

Asparagus:Asparagus belongs to a diverse family of plants with 300 varieties, some cultivated for their aesthetic appeal in gardens, while others grace floral arrangements.

Arugula:Arugula, or rocket, often confused with types of lettuce, is actually an herb belonging to the mustard family. 

Artichoke :Artichokes, with a history of cultivation spanning centuries, are versatile vegetables with edible flesh, leaves, and outer layers.

Arracacha:This starchy root is a staple in many South American cuisines, notably in Brazil, where it was introduced in the 19th century.

Armenian Cucumber:The Armenian cucumber holds a prominent spot among popular veggies despite not being a cucumber in the botanical sense.

Apple Gourd:Apple gourd, often recognized by names such as Indian squash or tinda, is a green, rounded vegetable that shares a resemblance with green apples.

Amaranth Leaves:Amaranth leaves are popular as a leafy green in various regions globally, with four specific types prominently used in East Asian cuisine. Their flavor is somewhat similar to spinach.

Alfalfa Sprouts:Alfalfa sprouts are the young shoots of a plant in the legume family. These sprouts have a delicate yet somewhat nutty taste, coupled with a slight sweetness and refreshing green undertones.

Agati:Agati is known by many other names, including vegetable hummingbird, West Indian pea, and katurai.

Acorn Squash:Acorn squash is a kind of vegetable with a hard outer shell encasing a tender interior filled with seeds. 

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