Top 12 Yellow Fruits

Yellow Apple:No, apples are not always red. They can be yellow, too! Golden delicious apples boast this yellow color but they’re not the only ones.

Starfruit:When you cut starfruit, the pieces look like a star with five points. This fruit has a mildly sour flavor if its small but the bigger variety is a bit sweeter.

 Quince:This pear-like fruit is unlike other yellow fruits on this list. If it’s raw, it’s too tough. To thoroughly enjoy what this fruit has to offer, you must cook it first.

Pineapple:This tropical fruit is native to South America. It has a distinctive sweet flavor and its outer skin resembles a pine cone.

Passion Fruit:From the outside, passion fruit may appear purple, red, or yellow (this depends on the variety). When you cut this fruit open, the inner flesh has shades of yellow in a jelly-like consistency.

Mango:Mangoes come in different colors, including red, green, and yellow and the flesh inside can be either an orangish color or a brighter yellow. 

Loquat:Loquat, also known as a Japanese plum, is a small, round fruit. Sometimes they’re a little bit fuzzy and sometimes they’re smooth. 

Lemon:This citrus fruit is shaped like an oval and has an acidic flavor and a strong aroma. You can use it to make fresh lemonade, dry it for a crispy, sour snack, or turn it into candy. 

Eggfruit:It looks kind of like a mango except its end is pointed. You can peel the skin off when it’s ripe and enjoy the soft flesh (just mind the large seeds!). Its flavor is both bold and sweet.

Durian:Known for its strong odor, durian is the type of fruit you either love or hate. It’s a tropical fruit with a spiny exterior that protects the inner creamy pulp. 

Canary Melon:This fruit is bright yellow on the outside with a paler yellow inside. It is oval-shaped, appearing much like a football. 

Banana: This is a sweet, creamy, potassium-rich fruit that you can peel and eat alone or blend into a smoothie, add to oatmeal, or enjoy in a mixed fruit salad.

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