Top 13 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Adopting a Dog Can Save You Money:Adopting a dog can be much cheaper than buying a dog. While there will often be an adoption fee with each pup.

It May Save Your Life Too:We mentioned above that adopting a dog can save their life, but pet adoption saves more lives than just one!

Make New Friends:Having a dog can introduce you to people you may not have met otherwise. You may meet new friends at the dog park, at dog friendly events, and even on a restaurant patio that allows furry friends.

Unconditional Support:Dogs are a wonderful support system when you are feeling low. Sometimes getting out into the world is difficult when you are not feeling like yourself. 

Improvements in Health: The bond between dogs and their owners has even been linked to improvement of PTSD symptoms. 

Fighting Unethical Breeding:When you adopt a shelter or rescue dog, you are showing the world breeding is not the only way to get a loving canine companion. 

Life Will Never Be Boring!:Life will never be boring if you adopt a dog! Change can be hard in many ways, but the changes that dog ownership brings are often filled with joy and love. 

You Stay Active:Adopting a dog gives you the opportunity to get up and moving. Walking your dog each day is a wonderful way to get in some extra exercise. 

Rescue Dogs Offer Unconditional Love:There’s no love quite like the love a rescue dog can offer you! Many people that have adopted dogs from a shelter or rescue say that they are even more loving than the average pup.

Great for Children:Growing up with a dog teaches so many invaluable lessons that children couldn’t gain otherwise.

Adopting a Dog Saves a Life:You are not only changing a dog’s life when you adopt, but you may even be saving a life. Animal shelters and rescues are often overflowing with pets that need a home.

Rescue Dogs are the Best Furry Friends Around:Dogs simply love spending time with their families, and they will always be happy as long as they are with us. 

Encourage Friends and Family to Adopt:Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue may encourage those around you to do so as well! There are a common myths and misconceptions around shelter dogs.