Top 9 Best Dog Parks In Las Vegas

Woofter Dog Park:Woofter dog park is a  play area for dogs, with three different fenced-off sections for them to use. One area is for large dogs, while the other is for smaller breeds.

Winding Trails Dog Park:In the Centennial Hills neighborhood of Las Vegas, Winding Trails park is a fun community spot with dog park. There is also a playground, and picnic area in Winding Trails. 

Shadow Rock Dog Park :Shadow Rock dog park has 3 separate areas for dogs to have some fun off-leash. One dog park is for large dogs, and one is for smaller breeds under 35 lbs.

Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park :Clark County Dog Fancier’s park is an area for dogs to enjoy off-leash fun. This dog park has 5 different areas, all of which are fully enclosed. 

Children’s Memorial Dog Park:In Las Vegas, children’s memorial park has different attractions to experience. For your furry friend, there is a small dog park so you can let them frolic off-leash. 

Charlie Frias Dog Park:Charlie Frias Park is a 32-acre park in Las Vegas with a dog park, that first opened in 2012. In the North region of the park, there is a dog park so you can let your pooch off-leash.

Centennial Hills Park:Centennial Hills Park has a variety of attractions to enjoy, but if you are bringing your dog there is also a dog park for them to have some fun.

Barkin Basin Park:Barkin Basin park is one of the largest dog parks in Las Vegas. This dog park has three separate areas for your pooch to run around.

All American Dog Park :All American Park is huge, with a small area dedicated to letting dogs play off-leash. The dog area is located in the northeast region of the park. 

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