Top 9 Spiders That Eat Snakes

Western Black Widow:The western black widow, or western widow, is a species that lives in the western range of North America. 

Southern Black Widow:This iconic black widow species, also known as the Southern black widow or shoe-button spider is native to North America.

Northern Black Widow:The Northern black widow, or northern widow is closely related to the Southern black widow. It lives in the mid-Atlantic United States like New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. 

Israeli widow:The Israeli widow spider, also known as the desert widow, is another alpha-latrotoxin-toting theridiid. It captures its serpentine prey in complex webs. 

Goliath Birdeater:This tarantula of the Theraphosidae family lives in South America and is the largest spider in the world by mass.

Golden Silk Orb-weaver :These are red-brown and yellow spiders known for their golden silk. The females of this species are among the largest non-tarantula species in North America. 

Brown Widow:The brown widow is also known as the brown button spider, gray widow, brown black widow, house button spider, or the geometric button spider. 

Australian redback:the Australian redback spider is a highly venomous and skilled snake hunter. These spiders live in Australia, southeast Asia and New Zealand. 

African button spider:These spiders live in tangled bushes, uncut grass, tall vegetation in dry places, agricultural zones and forests. Females are larger than males, like all spiders in the Latrodectus genus.

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