Top 9 Tulsa Rappers

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Dre Murray: Dre Murray is an experienced rapper with a reflective and thoughtful approach to his music. His lyrical depth and storytelling set him apart, making him a respected name in Tulsa.

Ray June: Ray June is known for his catchy hooks and vibrant energy. His music often reflects the experiences and culture of Tulsa, contributing to the local hip-hop scene's vibrancy.

Ace the Artist: Ace the Artist is recognized for his lyricism and storytelling. His music reflects a mix of introspection and social commentary, resonating with audiences in Tulsa.

Street Light: Street Light brings a raw and authentic voice to Tulsa's hip-hop scene. His music often delves into personal experiences and the challenges of urban life.

Eazy Steve: Eazy Steve is an emerging artist with a charismatic and energetic style. His contributions to the local scene showcase the diversity.

BRANDON: (formerly known as Dylan Cohl: BRANDON is an artist with a unique style, blending rap with elements of rock and other genres.

Big Mike: Big Mike is known for his bold and assertive style. His impactful delivery and confident presence contribute to the diversity of Tulsa's rap landscape.

Keeng Cut: Keeng Cut brings a dynamic and energetic style to the Tulsa rap scene. His versatility and ability to blend various influences make him a standout artist with a growing fan base.

Steph Simon: Steph Simon is a prominent figure in Tulsa's hip-hop scene, known for his socially conscious lyrics and contributions to the city's cultural identity.

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