Top 9 Types of Lilies

Trumpet Lilies: These lilies have huge, waxy flowers that can be 6 to 10 inches long and are wonderfully fragrant.

Tiger Lilies:The scientific name of the tiger lily is L. lancifolium or L. tigrinum, and it’s native to Asia and the far eastern part of Russia. This plant grows 2 to 5 feet tall with a 7 to 8 inch widespread.

Species Lilies:These types of lilies are native to Europe, Asia and North America. They haven’t been hybridized, but they are used to create popular hybrids.

Oriental Lilies:Oriental lilies do best in full sun and loamy soil with good drainage. If the soil is clayey, it needs to be amended to prevent it from holding on to water and becoming soggy. 

Martagon Lilies:The name martagon is in fact the French version of a Turkish word that means “turban.” The petals are pink or white with maroon spots and the flowers are fragrant and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. 

Madonna Lilies:These types of lilies are deliciously fragrant and snowy white and golden at the centers from pollen. The plant grows from 4 to 6 feet in height with a 1 to 2 foot spread and does best in hardiness zones 5 to 9.

Interdivisional Hybrids:These lilies are created by crossing lilies from different divisions. The resulting plants are often hardier and have a wider range of colors than their parents. 

Easter Lilies:Easter lilies flourish in full sun, though they’ll need to be protected from scorching sunlight and can also do well in part shade.

Asiatic Lilies:They are prized for their spectacular flowers, which come in shades of red, white, pink, orange, purple, or yellow. Asiatic lilies thrive in hardiness zones 4 to 9.

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