60-Year-Old Winner of Miss Universe

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One of the Favourites - Rodríguez thanks to her beauty and charm, to be one of the favorites among the 28 contestants who will compete.

Does not look 60 years Old - One of the most striking things about her is that, although she is 60 years old, she looks so much younger.

She claims not had Surgery - Only a high school contest, something very local, and no, I was never a model, I never worked as a model I don't have (cosmetic) surgeries

Hobbies and Passions - She enjoys traveling to discover new landscapes, people, and cultures. As for music, she loves tango, Latin American music.

Meet Miss Universe from Buenos Aires - Alejandra Rodríguez is a 60-year-old woman who is causing a commotion on social media because, at the incredible age of 60, 

A Prepared Woman - The Argentinian lawyer, who has no children, also speaks languages Italian, Portuguese, and English, proving herself a very educated woman. 

She is a Lawyer and Journalist - Rodriguez is a lawyer and legal advisor to a hospital, as well as a journalist.

Champion of Inclusivity - Changes in the administration of the pageant are now giving older women the opportunity to fulfill their dream.

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