Back in Fashion From The 90s

Heading 1

Headband - The headband is an accessory that can make a huge difference, lighting up your look.

High Waist - This model gives greater emphasis to the contour of the body and provides harmony to the look.

Colored Jeans - More discreet tones or pastel colors colored jeans give an uplift to any look, providing comfort and modernity. 

Round Glasses - Necessity or pure fashion, the round glasses have reappeared as a modern piece, giving lightness and style to your look.

Fashion from the 90s is back - The 1990s are constantly rediscovered by the most progressive brands we show you which 90s trends are back.

Mix - Combines jeans, transparency, and lingerie a modern mix and, at the same time, a touch of decades ago.

Fringes - While fringes will always be a fashion icon, they have often been associated with the 90s.

Print and Cut - Presented 'Emily in Paris' in a look that refers directly to the 1990s, not only for the print but also for the cut.

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