Best Haircuts for Summer 2024

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Medium-length Hair - Is easy to maintain, incredibly wearable and perhaps the most versatile option. It can be sexy and sophisticated.

The 'long midy' - This vintage style is being reborn, as actress Emma Roberts demonstrates here. It basically consists of a slightly layered cut that goes below the shoulders.

The Wolf Cut - Halfway between mullet and shag, this punk rocker aesthetic from the 70s and 80s is updated for the 21st century. 

The Long Shag - The shag exists as a less bold but equally cool version of the wolf cut. Although here it is long, it isn't defined by its length.

In Summer Haircut Best Design - This year isn't only about the bob. Other cuts to suit different styles also play a big role in the hair story of the year. 

The Wet Effect - Short cut that is on trend for the year? The wet effect is definitely a stylish choice that works anywhere, from red carpets to the office.

Turn Up the Olume - Start buying bottles of hairspray, stylists say to reach for sea salt spray to embrace natural textures with some oomph!

The Bob in All its Glory - Definitely the year of the bob, and it is holding its place as one of the trendiest options in all of its infinite styles. 

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