Brittany Murphy

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The Mold Factor - The theory was sparked by the discovery of mold in the walls of the home they shared, where both their bodies were found.

A 'Ridiculous' Theory - Expert Dr. Bruce Goldberger told CNN it as poisoning is "a baseless allegation and outrageous statement to make based on a single hair test,".

Never Took Drugs - "In all the time I've known her, she has never, and I repeat NEVER, done drugs," Monjack told the Daily Beast shortly after her death and before his.

'Something Wicked,' her Last Film - She had just been dropped from 'The Caller.' Her last film, was released in 2014, having been shot six months before her 2009 death.

Murder, drugs? What really Killed - The complete autopsy report for Brittany released by CNN, the drugs involved in Brittany death were consistent with the treatment.

Cut from 'Happy Feet' - Warner Brothers Studios also played a role in the actress's Allegedly, they dropped her from voicing in the sequel of 'Happy Feet' just two weeks before her passing.

Hollywood abused Murphy - The HBO documentary reveals horrible moments of her career, like when she didn't get the part in 'Coyote Ugly' because she wasn't 'eff - able'.

Died in 2009 - December 20, 2009 - TMZ broke the news: American actress Brittany Murphy was dead at age 32. The 'Clueless' actress died in her home in Los Angeles.

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