Carla Bruni

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A Frenchwoman born in Turin - Carla begins on 23 December 1967 in Turin, where she was born and raised until 1975. In that year she and her family emigrated to France.

The Modeling Years - At age 19, Carla Bruni made a name for herself in golden letters. She was a star and all the designers wanted her to be their collections'.

Great Musical Success - She was 30, Bruni recorded her first album: 'Si j'étais elle'  It sold over 250,000 copies, and Carla Bruni seriously considered continuing her career in music. 

2006 Olympics in Turin - Bruni was famous enough to carry the Italian flag at the 2006 Turin Olympics. She wore a sparkling-white Georgio Armani gown for occassion.

Supermodel Then and Now - She started out as a top model in the 1990s. Now in her fifties, she has a modeling career behind her, a music career in full swing.

Nicolas Sarkozy & Carla - In November of that year, the singer started seeing the president of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy They quickly most fashionable couples.

Secret Wedding in Paris - Carli Bruni and President Sarkozy got married with a secret ceremony in the Parisian Elysée Palace. It was a sensation in the media.

A Baby for The Couple - The experience of motherhood came once again for Carla Bruni when she and Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed a baby in 2011. 

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