Carlton from 'The Fresh Prince'

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The Fresh Prince - As Carlton Banks, he was the posh, naive, affable, sometimes envious and unbearable boy of the Banks family, the greatest 'frenemy' of his cousin Will Smith. 

Almost Never Happened - One of the directors of NBC, Warren Littlefield, fired him by saying that he hadn't liked his performance and that he found Ribeiro to be unfunny.

Commercial with Michael Jackson - When he was only 12 years old, Alfonso Ribeiro appeared in a Pepsi ad alongside Michael Jackson, and the young actor stole the limelight. 

Small Roles - Small appearances in films for television such as 'Love Wrecked' (2005) and 'Seek & Hide' (2004), Alfonso Ribeiro spent most of his time in television.

Surprising Life of Alfonso Ribeiro - Alfonso Ribeiro is the actor who, in the '90s, became Carlton Banks, one of the most prominent characters in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'.

Wild Wild West music Video - In 1999, his inseparable partner in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', Will Smith, counted on Alfonso Ribeiro to appear in a music video.

Becoming a Director and Golfer - He directed several episodes of the television series 'One on One' and 'All of Us'. He also developed a strong taste for golf.

Voice Actor - He was a voice actor in animated series such as 'Spiderman', where he featured from time to time. He was a more regular feature in 'Ghostbusters',.

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