Chloe Cherry

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Adult Movies - In Miami, she made films for adults and, during the COVID pandemic in 2020, focused her activity on O*Fans.

Debut in 'Euphoria' - In 2022 she broke through to TV - in the HBO series 'Euphoria', playing the girlfriend of a trafficker and she began to make regular appearances on the red carpets.

From 'Euphoria' to World of Fashion - Made the leap into the world of fashion when she was hired by Anti-Agency London, a representation agency that opened doors for Chloe.

Little Wynona-style Scandal - fame comes with the constant scrutiny of the public eye and scandal-hunting by the media she was accused of stealing a $28 blouse while on holiday.

Adult Movies to Hit Series 'Euphoria' - Born on August 23, 1993 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A conservative and traditional area main Amish communities left at the age of 18 to enjoy the Miami sun.

A Transgressive Icon - she is never shy to try new things and have fun with punchy concepts. Something that suits certain brands.

Her Lips - The effects of fame, Chloe Cherry was puzzled by the attention the world has paid to her lips since she became a celebrity.

Art and music - Other talents lie in her artistic work (she exhibited her collages at a Los Angeles gallery, according to a profile of the actress published in The New York Times).

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