Christina Applegate

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MeSsY Podcast - These very harsh words came from Christina Applegate in the 'MeSsy' podcast she presents with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Depression - She says it's a "real, f***-it-all depression, like a real depression, where it's kind of scaring me too a little bit, because it feels really fatalistic, it feels really end-of.

A Very Harsh Reality - She clarified that this is not the case. She just wants to explain why her physical and mental situation is currently devastating.

"I'm trapped in the dark" - "I'm trapped in this darkness right now that I haven't felt in probably 20-something years," Applegate said in her podcast.

Reveals Her Devastating Mental State - The 52-year-old actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021 such an extent that she has begun suffering from deep depression.

Going to Therapy - Of course, just as she raised her problem in the podcast, she also offered the solution: going to therapy. As she explains, it was very important to her.

Difficult to Take The Step - Since I've been diagnosed because I'm so afraid to start crying and that I'm not going to be able to end crying."

From Depression to Television - The actress switched to another topic. "About 10 years ago", she was invited to be part of the program 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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