Countries with Most Beauty Queens

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The U.S. 61 title - United States leads the list of male and female beauty pageant winners by a wide margin with a total of 61 victories.

Venezuela 35 title - Venezuela has always been famous for the beauty it produces and the statistics prove it. They are the country with the second most winners.

Brasil 26 title - Brazil, which has 26 beauty pageant winners. If you look at the Miss World competition, Brazil took the prize with LĂșcia Tavares Petterle,

U.K. 25 title - 4. U.K. - It has been a long time since the UK has had a beauty winner or winner at world level, yet its 25 victories keep it in fourth place.

Queens Title Won for Their Country - The website has analysed the results of 5,000 beauty pageants around the world and these are the countries with the most victories.

Philippines 23 title - The Asian country ranks fifth among the world leaders with the most beauty pageant winners; boasting no less than 23 titles. 

Australia 19 title - In sixth place are three countries with the same number of male and female winners: 19. The first of these is Australia.

Colombia 19 title - Alongside Australia, we also find Colombia, with the same total of 19 winners in beauty pageants in 2014 they won the Miss Universe title

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