David Hasselhoff

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Knight and his KITT car - Michael Knight, played by actor David Hasselhoff, and his car was called KITT on a specific mission entrusted by the Law and Order Foundation.

4 Seasons & 90 episodes - These episodes, between 1982 and 1986, although it's been watched by younger generations thanks to the continuous reruns.

What model of car KITT Was - It was none other than a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am v8 (suitably modified): a two-seater coupe with front engine and rear-wheel drive.

Good-looking & good actor - NBC's director Brandon Tarkitoff, said inspiration the series came from the fact that difficult to find men who were both quality.

Things About Knight Rider - TV audiences in the 80s and 90s enjoyed one of the most legendary TV series, 'Knight Rider'. It followed the adventures of an investigator and his car: 

The man with six words - The called 'The Six Word Man', meaning he could say "Ok", "Thank you", "You are welcome" and "Stop" - depending on the situation his character.

Everyone wanted the car - the brand developed a replica, the Firebird Trans Am. Eventually, though, they did not go on sale to the general public.

History of Television - Be that as it may, what we do know for sure is that KITT and Michael Knight are an important part of the history of television.

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