Disturbing Reality Shows of All Time

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The Briefcase (2015) - Time.com said it was “the worst reality TV show ever,” accusing producers of exploiting hard-off families with psychological torture for pure entertainment.

My Strange Addiction - From people having an adult relationship with a car, drinking nail polish and eating everything from drywall, couch cushions.

The Anna Nicole Show - This reality that followed around the erratic former playmate, who gained notoriety by marrying an 89-year-old billionaire before his death.

Are You Hot? (2003) - Incredibly superficial, judges rated contestants on a numerical scale based on “face,” “body,” and “s e x appeal.”

Reality Show They Are Disturb All Time - Since reality TV became an incredibly popular genre in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the successes reality TV shows have been questioned.

The Apprentice - No matter your opinion of Donald Trump, imagining that any reality star could eventually become the most powerful person on Earth.

Bridalplasty (2010) - 12 women compete to win a wedding and all the plastic surgery they want before tying the knot.

Born in the Wild - One of the most irresponsible reality shows of all time women giving birth outdoors, without the assistance of any doctors, will survive, along with their babies.

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