Don Cheadle

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Everything Seemed Perfect - Don Cheadle fit the ‘90s perfect-son profile, and anything that the 'Fresh Prince' touched seemed destined for success.

A Spectacular Cast - The series would star Ice Tray, and alongside Don Cheadle, there would be familiar faces like Bruce A. Young, Vivica A. Fox, and Troy Burgess.

The Pilot Made it To Air - The pilot saw the light of day on July 10, 1991, almost a year after the show was proposed. The outcome was the worst possible.

One and Done - Don Cheadle shared in an interview with Vanity Fair. "I think you can actually find it online. It popped up and I was like, whoa.

A 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' - 'Fresh Prince' was already a massive phenomenon. Even so, no one expected Ice Tray’s character to captivate the audience the way that he did.

A Typical Sitcom - The lone pilot allowed viewers to see good old Ice Tray return from university to his home in Philadelphia, claiming to have turned down many job offers.

'The Golden Palace' - A pleasant surprise in store for Don Cheadle - nothing less than another spin-off waiting for him: 'The Golden Palace.'

Don Cheadle was Ice Tray - On October 8, 1990, over 22.7 million viewers settled in front of their televisions, tuned into NBC, and watched the fifth episode of the first season.

Black Actors to be Nominated - He is also of the very few Black actors to have been nominated for the four major American entertainment awards (EGOT). He was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globes.

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