Donna Summer

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Abused by Her Pastor - In the HBO documentary, it was revealed that she was abused by the pastor at her church. “He did the devil’s work better than most,”.

Loved Being Behind the Camera - Much of the footage from the documentary comes she carried a movie camera around to make short, silly films with her family and friends. 

Horribly Abusive Relationship - She also found herself in an abusive relationship with artist Peter Mühldorfer. She had separated from her previous husband.

Born again Christian - Although she was always Christian, she joined a prayer group in 1979 when things were really tough for her. 

Tragic Life of Queen of Disco - In 1975, Donna Summer told Time Magazine that the sultry performer was “just a character,” and that she was always a Christian.

The 1980s were Different - In 1980, she married singer Bruce Sudano and had two more daughters — Brooklyn and Amanda. 

Controversy in the Gay Community - At a 1983 concert, it was widely reported that she said, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” causing outrage among many fans.

Died in 2012, Age 63 - Upon her death, tributes poured in from the music industry and beyond. Quincy Jones wrote that Summer’s voice was “the heartbeat and soundtrack of a generation.”.

The Dark Side - As one of the best-selling music artists of all time (100 million records), most people know her from her disco hits like ‘Love to Love You Baby,’.

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