Elizabeth Berkley

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Director Didn't Have Berkley in Mind... - Director Paul Verhoeven originally imagined Charlize Theron or Denise Richards in the role of Nomi. 

A Leap into The Unknown - 23-year-old Elizabeth Berkley captured the attention of the director, and the young actress landed the role. Elizabeth didn't realize that the role would change her life.

In 'Saved By The Bell' - The actress had played Jessica Spano in 'Saved By The Bell' until getting her role on 'Showgirls.' It had been four intense years.

A-Listers Didn't Want The Role - 'Showgirls.' They claimed that there were too many gratuitous intimate scenes, an inordinate script, poor acting... The movie became infamous.

Whatever Happened to 'Showgirl' - Elizabeth Berkley in 'Showgirls.' A role that would change the actress's reputation in Hollywood, although it may not have been for the better.

From Hollywood to Secondary - And that's how Elizabeth Berkley ended up only being able to land minor, episodic roles and low-budget movie appearances. 

Adored Her in 'CSI: Miami' - Appeared on in 'CSI: Miami' (2008-2009) were a hit with the audience. For nine episodes, she played Julia Winston, Horatio Cane's problematic partner.

 Becomes A Cult Classic -  'Showgirls' experienced a revival and is now something of a cult classic! The actress told Collider that she celebrated this unexpected revival of the film.

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