European Capitals of Culture

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Bad Ischl (Austria) - The first is Bad Ischl, a small town of 13,600 inhabitants in the Salzkammergut region (Upper Austria), southeast of Salzburg.

The Kaiservilla - This Austrian city is also known for its representation of the country's imperial history. It notably houses the Kaiservilla.

Bodø (Norway) - This Norwegian city of 53,000 inhabitants is located just above the Arctic Circle, in Nordland.

Military Importance - Bodø is home to Norway's largest military air base and plays a crucial role in the country's defense it was, for example.

Culture Capitals Of European Country - For the year 2024, three new cities have been awarded of Culture label these cities aim to "highlight the diversity of cultural wealth in Europe.

Program in Bodø, Norway - On the program: exhibitions of all kinds, concerts, and even the first European LEGO League championship.

Tartu (Estonia) - With almost 100,000 inhabitants, Tartu is the second-largest city in Estonia and is considered its intellectual capital.

European Capitals of Culture - The 'European Capital of Culture'' label is an initiative of the European Union, implemented by the European Commission.

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