Gustav Magnar Witzøe

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A Multi-million Dollar Legacy - At just 31 years old, the Oslo-born Norwegian (born in 1993) received more than half of SalMar - the family business.

Father is still in charge - Father, Gustav Witzøe, gave him 53% of the company's shares, Witzøe Sr. currently maintains control of SalMar.

Tech Investments and Real Estate - Witzøe has not left his money he has made large investments in technology companies and real estate, as reported by Forbes.

A model - He waits to inherit the family salmon empire, Gustav Magnar Witzøe is dedicated to enjoying life and working as a model.

Prince of Salmon, Model & Billionaire - Life smiles down on Gustav Magnar Witzøe, known as the prince of salmon and one of the world's youngest billionaires.

Influencers on the rise - His Instagram account already has 131,000 followers, despite not being excessively prolific in sharing content.

Norwegian way of life - Of course, each photo he shares on Instagram is an occasion to show off his luxurious lifestyle and hobbies.

Father and Son - The first photo that everyone who enters his profile will see is of Gustav Magnar Witzøe with his father and the sea in the background.

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