Jeffrey Ngai

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Mixed Heritage - His Chinese name and overall appearance, Jeffrey Ngai was born to Dutch and Chinese parents, making him a celebrity of mixed heritage.

Acting was Not Planned - Found acting later in life, as he was set to go into business with his business administration degree from Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

First Appearance on TV - ‘Be a Better Man’ was Jeffrey first appearance on TV, and he appeared alongside his girlfriend Evelyn Chen to participate in the reality TV series.

Going Into Music - Jeffrey Ngai has also entered the world of music. The now actor-singer’s entrance to music was an interesting one.

Rising Hong Kong Star - Is an up-and-coming actor-singer from Hong Kong who is best known for his uncanny resemblance to the scandalized 2000s heartthrob Edison Chen.

Successful Entrance - Jeffrey's & his music career paid off it seems! Despite his main work as a model & actor, he has been involved in singing for several gigs.

Partner Manager - According to Sunday More, Evelyn Chen has also served Jeffrey Ngai's manager since his rise to fame They also planning to marry after dating for over 6 years.

Famous Works - His appearance in ‘Be a Better Man’, Jeffrey Ngai has also appeared in these works: ‘IT Dog’, ‘I Swim’, and ‘be ON game SSP’.

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