Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt

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Love At First Sight - "As soon as I saw him for the first time I knew that this man was going to be for me," Jennifer Aniston told Diane Sawyer in an interview. 

Both Married in 2000 - Their relationship became public in 1998. In 2000 there was a proposal and an (almost) secret wedding in Malibu.

Very Attuned to Each Other - They say the couple even went to the hairdresser's together so that their looks would match.

A 'Secret' Wedding - July 29, 2000, Brad & Jennifer said yes to each other at a wedding where hundreds of security guards prevented any kind of image.

Relationship Timeline Between Both - They were Hollywood's sweethearts and a seemingly perfect couple: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Have a look at their love story. 

A Mansion in Los Angeles - Brad & Jennifer did buy an impressive mansion in Los Angeles together, and they even appeared in an episode of 'Friends' together.

Jennifer & Brad's Divorce - Already living separate lives," was the headline of People magazine in 2005 Shortly after that, while returning from a New Year's Eve celebration.

There was Angelina Jolie - As became increasingly clear, Brad and Angelina had met and fallen in love while filming 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'.

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