Jennifer Aniston Relationship 

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Matty, I Love U so Much - About Matthew Perry she wrote on Instagram right after his death: "He was such a part of our DNA... Matty, I love you so much.

Tate Donovan (1995) - They were steady for over three years, from 1995 to 1998. Curiously, the couple broke up days before the actor had a role in the series as Rachel's boyfriend!.

Seven Years of Happiness - They married in the summer of 2000 in Malibu, while each of them enjoyed a high point in their career.

Vince Vaughn (2006) - Aniston a year to fall in love again after she separated from Brad Pitt. She got to know Vince Vaughn on the set of 'The Break Up'. 

Romantic Love history of Jennifer - Aniston's wonderful boyfriends and husbands, we must say that none of them has been as worthy of the actress's love (real or fictional) as David Schwimmer.

John Mayer (2008) - This Casanova is the subject of Taylor Swift's song 'Dear John,' and he also dated Jennifer Aniston at some point They met at an Oscar afterparty in 2008.

Gerard Butler (2010) - Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler hit it off. However, they didn't last much longer than the time it took to shoot the film and promote it.

'The Man of Her Life' - It may not have been a romantic relationship, but it's definitely been stable. Chris McMillan is Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist, close friend, and business partner.

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