Jim Caviezel

Heading 1

God Told him to Get into Acting - Caviezel said in a video on Church Pop that he was “a simple guy when God came to me in a movie theater.” He said he then asked the Lord.

His First role was In a Landmark - First important role was playing a small part in the iconic 1991 queer film ‘My Own Private Idaho,’ which follows a gay hustler afflicted.

Jesus Christ - Superstar - Huge break came when Mel Gibson picked the actor to star as Jesus in the film ‘Passion of the Christ.’ Gibson said “if you do play Jesus.

Struck by Lightning - His being struck by lightning, he says, during the last shot of the ‘The Passion’. "It fell on my head, and I bit through my tongue and my cheek,".

Despite “career-ending” Role - Caviezel starred in several films in its wake including ‘Unknown’ (2006), ‘Deja Vu’ (2006), ‘Outlander’ (2008), and ‘The Stoning of Soraya M’ (2009).

Controversial Actor Played Jesus - Born in 1968 and raised in a small town in Washington state. His mom was a homemaker and former actress and his dad was a chiropractor.

Difficult to Work With - Show received good ratings, some of his colleagues reportedly told the journalists at the popular podcast QAnon Anonymous that he was hard to work.

A Canceled Deal - However, he left the project over “creative differences.” From then, he started acting in fewer staring roles in less mainstream films.

Laying Low.. for Now - All the publicity he got in 2023, 2024 has seen the actor laying relatively low. He has totally been off Instagram this year, though he is still doing speaking gigs.

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