K Pop-Star Girls Group

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Secret Number: Dita - Dita is part of the girl group ‘Secret Number’. Interestingly, Dita is Indonesian and holds the honor of being the first Indonesian to ever enter K-pop.

Choi Hee - Choi Hee is a South Korean announcer and newscaster who is best known for being one of South Korea TV’s recognisable sports announcers.

Lim Na-young - Member of the girl groups I.O.I and Pristin, Lim Na-young has managed to carve out a solo career for herself after the disbandment of her girl groups.

Safely in Korea - Fortunately, all K-pop stars have been allowed an early release, Koreaboo reports. They are now safely back in South Korea.

Detained In Bali for Illegal Filming - K-pop’s biggest girl groups, Girls’ Generation. Her solo work delving into not just reality TV show work, but also DJing under the name DJ Hyo.

Some K-pop Stars been Detained - In a shocking surprise for K-pop fans, SpoTV reports that several K-pop celebrities were detained in Bali on April 26.

Reason for Detainment - 30 members of the cast and crew of ‘Pick Me Trip’, an upcoming reality TV program show, detained for committing the crime of filming without a permit.

Affected Schedules of Stars - Unfortunately, the hold-up has caused quite a scandal and has affected the tight schedules of the people involved, especially the K-pop stars.

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