Lenny Kravitz 

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2024, A Great Year - He may be 60 years old, but there's a lot going on with Lenny Kravitz this year. The rockstar, famous for tracks like 'Always on the Run,' 'Fly Away,'.

Opening Show - Played one of the best-watched live shows of the year opening for the final of the Champions League between the German Borussia Dortmund and Spanish Real Madrid.

60 And Fit as Ever - The tens of thousands of singing soccer fans in the stadium. He showed the crowd that with 60 years, he was as fit as anyone in the stadium.

9 Years Celibate - He wanted to be celibate until he found the right person, and he hadn't been in a relationship for 9 years.

How He Stays in Shape At 60 - 90,000 soccer fans in Wembley stadium and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world saw Lenny Kravitz kick off the Champions League final of 2024.

A Promise to God - He also told CBS that he wasn't "going to waver on" his celibacy because it's "a promise I made to God three years ago." 

Strict Health Routine - In the way I live." The rock star explains that he has a very strict daily routine to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

'I'll come in as I am' - "If I’m coming from somewhere and my trainer says we can get it in now, then I'll come as I am. A lot of the time I'm in street clothes, which people think is funny."

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