Life of The Singing Nun

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A Glimpse Into a Tragic End - While her songs resonated with joy and faith, Decker's life gradually unfurled into a tale filled with struggles, leading to a heartbreaking demise world in shock.

A Belgian Upbringing - Born in Belgium in 1933 to a pâtisserie owner, Decker's mom described her as a 'tomboy' and educated her in a Catholic school in Brussels.

Recorded An Album - Living in the convent, she would write and sing songs. The other nuns and superiors allowed her to a record an album to raise money for its mission in the Congo.

Domi-nique -nique -nique - Deckers recorded the album in 1962. In 1963, the single 'Dominique,' which she wrote about Saint Dominic, became an unexpected international hit.

The Incredible, Tragic Life - Jeanine Deckers, known to the world as The Singing Nun, catapulted to fame in the 1960s with her enchanting melodies and powerful vocals.

'The Singing Nun' - In 1966, Debbie Reynolds starred in a sweet musical based on her life. Sister Luc Gabriel reportedly rejected the film as "fiction."

Blacklisted by  Church - Angered by the Catholic Church and what she thought was its failure to implement the Second Vatican Council reforms, she released a song in 1967 about the birth control pill.

Disco Dominque - In 1982, in a last-ditch attempt to resume her career and get out of financial woes, she tried to score a hit with a disco version of Dominque.

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