Maggie Horton

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Debut as a Guest Character - One of the show's writers, William J. Bell, and the executive producer, Betty Corday, thought she was perfect for the guest role of a farmer.

It Was the Right call - Time and the unconditional love of the audience have proved Bell and Corday right Suzanne Rogers is still playing Maggie Horton.

More Than 50 Years - In the summer of 2023, Suzanne Rogers made television history for playing the same character in a series for 50 years.

TV History - The actress has played in more than 3,000 episodes of the series.

Played the Same Role since 1973 - In the summer of 1973, this actress joined the cast of the soap opera 'Days of Our Lives' in the role of Maggie Horton.

Longest-running Actress in The series - Having to play a character for 5 decades means growing old with it and going along with many plot twists during the show.

Diagnosed with a Rare disease - In 1984, the actress was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis - a rare disease that attacks facial muscles and provokes hair loss.

Came back to Make history - In May 2021, Suzanne Rogers returned to 'Days of Our Lives' and the audience was relieved to hear that Maggie Horton was back in action. 

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