Melanie Griffith

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From the Beginning to Today - What catches the eye of most is certainly not only the artistic transformation of the actress but also the physical one. 

Daughter of an Artist - Melanie is the daughter of artist: her mother is Tippi Hedren (pictured), an actress and former model, while her father was Peter Griffith an advertising actor.

First Leading Role - Debuted on the big screen as a child, landing her first leading role in 1975 in 'Night Move'. But it was in the 1980s that her star began to shine.

'Working Girl' (1988) - Already mentioned, it was thanks to 'Working Girl' that the actress became really famous she did not only win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Film.

How Changed Over Time - Melanie Griffith (New York, 9 August 1957), nearing seventy, can say that she has enjoyed a very long artistic career dotted with dozens of films.

Golden Globes - Of the six Oscar nominations in the 1989 edition, however, the film only won the Oscar for Best Song - 'Let the River Run' by Carly Simon. At the Golden Globes.

Razzie Awards - This is demonstrated by the two Razzie Awards she got for Worst Actress in the films 'Shining Through' and 'Mulholland Falls'.

First Husband: Don Johnson - She married her first husband, Don Johnson, twice: first in 1976 (a marriage that lasted only six months) & second in 1989 with a final divorce in 1996.

Hollywood Icon - A Hollywood icon with an indistinguishable charm - despite the almost forty years that have passed since 'Working Girl' (1988).

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