Michelle Yeoh

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Miss World 1983 - This went on to open doors for her in the global entertainment scene and landed her a role alongside Jackie Chan in a television commercial.

Marriage and Hiatus - Michelle Yeoh is that she once took a short hiatus from acting after marrying the then-head of D&B, Dickson Poon, in 1987.

Back to The Big Screen - She returned back to the big screen with her role in ‘Police Story 3: Super Cop’, alongside old collaborator Jackie Chan in the same year.

Hollywood Breakthrough - Michelle breakthrough role in Hollywood was her role as Wai Lin in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies.' Till today, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ remains one of the most iconic films.

First Chinese Bond Girl - Michelle Yeoh's involvement as Wai Lin is significant in Bond history because she is the first ethnically Chinese Bond girl.

Highest Civilian Award by President Biden - Michelle Yeoh is a Chinese-Malaysian actress born on 6 August 1962 She is known for her roles in Hong Kong & Hollywood action films.

Prestigious Awards - Michelle Yeoh was even awarded the esteemed title of ‘Datuk/Dato’ by Malaysian royalty for putting Perak, her home state, on the map in 2001.

Similar to British Knighthood - The title of ‘Datuk/Dato’ bears weight equivalent to the British address of ‘Sir’ after being awarded knighthood, and is mandatory.

First Golden Globe - Michelle received her first Golden Globe award for 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.' 

For the History Books - And... it happened! Michelle Yeoh became history's first-ever Asian Best Actress Oscar award recipient for movie 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'.

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