Movie 'Dumb and Dumber'

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A Star was Born - We have to go back to the beginning of 1994 when Jim Carrey was a well-known actor but not the star he would become thanks to 'Ace Ventura'.

He Asked 400K - Jim Carrey $350,000 for the role, but he rejected it and asked for $400,000, recalls the director, Peter Farrelly, in The Hollywood Reporter.

7 Out of 17 for Jim - From the $400,000 he initially asked for, they went to the $7 million he would end up receiving. It was nearly half of the total budget of $17 million.

They Didn't want Jeff - Jeff Daniels. The actor was better known than Jim Carrey, he had a richer background in acting, but he had never done a comedy.

Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels Chemistry - Daniels explained it himself on 'The Rich Eisen Show' in 2021 he wanted to dedicate himself to comedy and auditioned, read, and recorded with Jim.

Instant Chemistry - The scenes they shot that week pleased the production company, and Jeff Daniels ended up forming a historic comedy couple with Jim Carrey.

A Friendship That Lasts - Beyond money and fame, Jeff Daniels still considers Jim Carrey as one of his best friends after 30 years friendship was forged with the movie.

From $400,000 to $7 million - Releasing in December the actor to go from the $400,000 he asked the production company at first to the $7 million making for playing Lloyd Christmas.

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