National Flower of The Countries (2)

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Turkey: Tulips - It comes from central Anatolia and some neighboring countries, such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan, which tulip as their national flower.

Australia: Mimosa - Member of the acacia family, native to south-eastern Australia, this flower is known in Europe under the name of mimosa. 

Serbia: Plum blossom - Originally from China, but it has become the national flower of Serbia because the plums are used to make the popular Serbian brandy called slivovitz. 

Malaysia: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - It is grown in different parts of the world, in Malay this beautiful flower is called 'bunga raya' and is considered the nation's national flower.

Countries Shown Their National Flower - Countries have their national monuments like flower, animal etc. to shown their flowers to the world.

Mexico: Dahlia - The dahlia has long been valued as an edible and medicinal plant; it became ornamental after being brought to Europe in the late 18th century.

Morocco: Damask Rose - The damask rose is known as the "queen of roses." It is said to be named after Damascus, the capital of Syria.

England: Rose - The Rose is the national flower of England, a symbol of two historic aristocratic families who fought for the crown for 30 years.

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