Presidential Pups

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Biden's Dog Problems - Joe and Jill Biden have had a rough stint being dog owners since Biden became president. In 2021, their favorite pooch Champ passed away.

Bo & Sunny Obama Family's Dogs - Bo, a hypoallergenic Portuguese water dog, joined the family. The new pup must have been a great addition to the family because they later adopted.

Bush & Barney - Bush's furry friend became incredibly popular  The Scottish Terrier had such a huge fan base that an official website was made just for him. 

Reagan's dog Rex - Ronald Reagan had a total of six different dogs during his time at the White House, but his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex was his favourite.

Famous Dogs Lived in The White House - Dogs and US Presidents have usually gone hand-in-hand, as you can see in this photo of President Bill Clinton and his dog Buddy.

Hoover and King Tut - King Tut became President Hoover's most well-known pet after he had been photographed together with the president.

Abraham Lincoln's Fido - Abraham Lincoln's family dog Fido is the only dog on this list who did not reside in the White House. We felt we had to include him though, as president pups.

Trump broke the White House pet tradition - The first president to enter the office petless since Thomas Jefferson, who kept a mockingbird and some bear cubs during his presidency.

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