Sarah Snook

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Goodbye, Shiv - 'Run Rabbit Run', the psychological horror film that premiered in 2023, Sarah Snook now has a new and very interesting project.

'All Her Fault' - The Emmy-winning actress will be the protagonist of 'All Her Fault', the new Peacock series based on the acclaimed and best-selling book.

A Psychological Drama - Sarah Snook plays Marissa, a mother who experiences the worst nightmare for any parent: the disappearance of her child.

The Terror of Losing a Child - As Peacock describes it, "Marissa Irvine (Snook) arrives at 14 Arthur Avenue, expecting to pick up her young son Milo from his first playdate with a boy.

A New Drama Series After Succession - Siobhan Roy has been one of the most powerful female characters in recent television history. We have Sarah Snook to thank for that.

Protagonist and Executive Producer - Sarah Snook will not only be the recognizable face of the series but also serve as executive producer and creator, alongside Megan Gallagher. 

Andrea Mara and Her Bestseller - The writer of the original novel, Andrea Mara, will also be involved in the project as executive producer.

Multi-Awarded - It will be difficult to match her incredible success with 'Succession,' for which she won an Emmy, two SAG Awards, and two Golden Globes for Best Actress.

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