Scandals and Tragic Events

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2009: Brittany Murphy's Mysterious Death - dies a mysterious death in her home at age 32. A first autopsy states "natural death," then pneumonia.

Charlie Sheen - In 2011 He has led a life of excesses that he hasn't even bothered to hide: from destroying hotel rooms to hiring escorts, consumption of various toxic goods.

2009 David Carradine's Strange Death - The former Kung Fu and superlative villain in 'Kill Bill' passed away in Bangkok on 3 June 2009. He was 72 years old.

Charles Manson - Charles Manson had wanted to be a pop star and failed, but he managed to attract a handful of followers willing to do anything for him.

Events in Hollywood History - In hollywood many of stars known for their acting but known for their scandal and tragic events in his life and they highlight for this event.

1995 Selena Murdered - A star in the U.S. Latin music scene, singer and actress Selena died at age 23 when the president of her fanclub shot her. 

2003 The Murder of Lana Clarkson - The actress died in 2003 from a gunshot in the mansion of Phil Spector, musical producer of stars such as The Beatles and Leonard Cohen. 

1962 Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe - She allegedly had an affair with President John F. Kennedy, and her tragic end (on August 5, 1962 due to an  triggered numerous theories. 

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