Sofia Vergara

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New Love - The Colombian has fallen in love with a man called Justin Saliman. According to many media reports, they began dating in October 2023.

A Surgeon - Sofia was initially discreet about their relationship, she is now shouting about her love to the world And the man's profession: an orthopedic doctor!

At the Super Bowl Party - Sofia and Justin also attended the U2 concert in February and then took this picture at the Super Bowl Party. 

Multi-millionaire Surgeon - Handsome American orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in arthroscopic surgery and treating sports injuries he's a multi-millionaire.

Confirms New Relationship - Sofia Vergara confirmed their relationship on her Instagram account. She appeared to be recovering from a knee surgery.

Her break-up with Joe Manganiello - Looking for someone who had already been a dad married for almost 8 years before the marriage broke down.

'I'm ready to be a grandmother, - "I had a child at 19, and I’m ready to embrace the role of a grandmother, not a mother,” , said the Colombian actress in an interview

Personal & Professional success - The Colombian is in a great moment in her life. She has love on one side and professional success on the other. 

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