Stars Lots of Money to Charity

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Chris Hemsworth - He made a contribution of $1m to the cause and has funded organizations helping animals and promoting human rights.

Matthew McConaughey - Just Keep Livin’ Foundation after playing an illness survivor in the Dallas Buyer’s Club and raised an incredible $1,537,292.

Jennifer Lawrence - She donated $2 million to Kosair Children’s Hospital in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 and supports programs for the arts in Louisville.

George Michael - Millions of pounds he made the biggest impact on Childline, a counseling service set up to help children in trouble or suffering trauma.

Many of Stars Doing Charity - Many celebrities have given away millions over the years, supporting national and international charities.

Lady Gaga - The two-time Grammy winner and actress also donated all of the proceeds ($500,000) of one of her Monster Ball shows to the relief fund

Emma Watson - She donated $1.3m to the UK Justice and Equality Fund in 2018 to help those who have suffered harassment.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith - Couple started their Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation One year, they gave an estimated total of $1.3m to several charities.

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